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Residential Services

At Curb Alert Junk Removal, we also understand the importance of maintaining a clutter-free and comfortable living environment for our residential clients in Central Florida. We recognize that unwanted items, old furniture, and household debris can accumulate over time, creating stress and inconvenience. Our residential services are designed to address these needs, offering efficient and hassle-free removal while ensuring your home remains a sanctuary of peace and order. We are committed to helping you regain your space and peace of mind through our residential junk removal solutions.

Trailer Drop

We offer to drop off an empty trailer to your home for you to fill on your own, which we will come back to remove when you're ready. Whether that be same-day, or if you need a few days, we are happy to customize this service to fit your unique needs.


You Point - We Load

Just as the name suggests - we will come to your home and load your items into our trailer before hauling them away. From garage sale remnants to entire estate clean-outs, we are ready to help remove unwanted items.


Tenant Move Out

We understand how frustrating it can be to be left with a mess after tenants leave and we offer customized solutions for property managers in this predicament. We can take care of any junk removal and also cleaning of the property, to get the space ready for your next tenant.


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